Blake Rizzo

Blake Rizzo has been writing music for the majority of his life. Before The Soapbox Revolution was The Soapbox Revolution, Blake was writing songs on his own and recording them one piece at a time to build his vision. In 2012, Blake decided to make his musical meanderings into a full scale band and the hunt for like-minded musicians began.  Now that other permanent musicians are in place, Soapbox is evolving into a collaborative machine with influences from many different branches of music. Outside of the musical arena, Blake has a normal 9-5 job in IT at an advertising agency in downtown Houston. He also likes documentaries about anything. And Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.


Krumb Cornwell

After losing our first bass player before band launch and auditioning multiple other bass players, Krumb Cornwell showed up on the scene. Blake and Krumb had known each other since roughly 1994 and lived a few houses down from each other. Krumb moved to Brazil for his high school years and lost touch with Blake over that time. After moving back to Houston, Krumb seems to have met everyone in the entire city. He knows Joe from working at Guitar Center together, Blake from growing up, and every other person we run into seems to know him from somewhere. Small world for Krumb it seems.


Sean Conroy

After Joe switched over to play synths and electronics, the hunt was on for a drummer and the auditions began. We tried out a few people in the process and went back and forth for a few rehearsals without a strong connection. After little success, we reworded our ad on Craigslist and found an eager young lad ready to play rock songs. Fresh out of his band Hold Me Heroine, Sean was super excited to join Soapbox and he’s been growing and developing ever since. We knew pretty soon upon his arrival that he was gonna be the one after he came in and basically nailed down exactly what Joe had played on our recorded songs. The rest is history...